Winner Automotive

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Capabilities utilized
Agency of Record • Concept Development • Marketing Audit • Media Planning and Buying • Digital Marketing Campaigns • Video Production • Reputation Management • Content Creation
Capabilities utilized
Client background
What they were looking for:
An automotive group in Delaware wanted to conquest beyond their state’s borders. They already had a new brand, but needed an agency to help execute their vision.
What we found:
Winner Automotive is actually a part of a polished, global enterprise that just happened to have started in Delaware. We wanted to take their existing branding and develop it further, adding a sense of that scale and polish to all their messaging.

Winner wanted to “win” their backyard while growing their reach. By making tier 1-style media that exhibited heaps of polish, along with sophisticated messaging, Winner saw leads and sales rise. Branded search connoting growing brand awareness also lifted.

How we did it
Winner Automotive had several distinct brands, all with distinct messaging needs and goals. Their Audi store, Audi of Wilmington, is one of the more sophisticated automotive retailers we’ve encountered. Winner Subaru and Winner Volkswagen were more family-focused. And their Ford and Hyundai stores had different needs.
The stores faced very different challenges from a marketing standpoint. Audi Wilmington sits on the edge of the Philadelphia DMA and ran into high competition in advertising paired with high costs. The non-luxury points in Dover were the only OEMs within an hour drive and needed to focus on conquesting other OEMs.
Messaging and
To overcome both marketing challenges, we created content around the aspirational identities of the target consumers, positioning Winner as the brand that connected the consumer to the vehicle that made them smile every day. To avoid the competitive placements and high costs, we focused on deployed across YouTube pre-roll and social media to create content that stood out against the product/payment creative that failed to differentiate Winner’s competitors.
The brand process
Working within their new brand, we developed a new tagline: “Where do you win?” It encapsulated the high-level feeling of satisfaction that Winner wanted each of its customers to feel. We used this new branding, along with new visual elements, in all their new media.

Our Favorite Campaigns

Where Do You Win?

Driving Insight:

People are willing to travel outside their local area for a great experience.


Create the brand perception that Winner is worth a longer drive to work with.

Our first campaign with Winner centered on a high level brand message that was geared toward making people feel like they would be missing out if they didn’t shop at Winner. Whether they were looking for a new, expensive sports car or a hefty vehicle to haul the family, they would experience a polished, sophisticated experience… only at Winner.

Product Highlights

Driving Insight:

People get really excited when they see a vehicle they want.


Harness interest in specific makes and models with flashy videos.

We set up an ad-hoc video studio inside of the Winner facilities to create flashy, exciting vehicle spotlights that rivaled OEM work. With added animation and messaging, we wanted to drive traffic by harnessing interest people had in different flagship models.