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Capabilities utilized
Agency of Record • Brand Development • Concept Development • Marketing Audit • Media Planning and Buying • Digital Marketing Campaigns • Logo Design • Video Production • Reputation Management • Content Creation • Print Design
Capabilities utilized
Brand Strategy / Creative Production / Marketing Deployment / Branding
Client background
What they were looking for:
Morgia Wealth Management wanted to create a series of videos that would live on their website and explain how theirs was different from other wealth management firms. What started as a simple video project evolved into a full rebrand with ongoing support for creative messaging and marketing deployment.
What we found:
When it comes to wealth management, trust is everything. Morgia was different from their competitors, but they didn’t talk about it much. A key strategic insight was discovering the team is a group of fiduciary advisors. This means they are legally bound to make recommendations that are solely in their clients’ best interests. (It’s crazy that this isn’t true for every financial advisor…) Talk about factors that equate to trust! Through ongoing educational content covering both general financial insights and current market updates, Morgia’s brand awareness grew; they became a firm sought out by name.

Before their campaigns launched, only 30% of Morgia’s search traffic was branded. After launching a multi-channel marketing strategy, branded search increased 118%, making branded search terms account for over 60% of Morgia’s search traffic. The quality of users also increased with new and returning visitors spending more time on site.

How we did it
While Morgia’s team included several award-winning advisors, breaking into larger markets remained a costly endeavor. The strategy shifted to owning their backyard of Northern NY, finding the top placements to reach high-earning individuals before scaling the strategy into new markets.
Since Morgia had never advertised outside of their local print networks, there was complete blue sky for new endeavors.
Messaging and
We utilized YouTube pre-roll and Google display ads to drive education and awareness, respectively. The Morgia team also leveraged existing contacts to keep messaging reflective of our strategies present on local news publishers and their existing print publications.
The brand process
Morgia needed a brand message to use as their foundation. Congruent spent a significant amount of time working with the client, but finding the perfect message proved difficult. The Morgia team was very… deliberative. They were extremely disciplined and careful about all of their decision-making. Then, it struck us. “Disciplined. Careful.” That message embodied Morgia and their thought process to a T.

Our Favorite Campaigns

Morgia 101

Driving Insight:

People find personal finance confusing and intimidating.


Educate viewers with an engaging, branded series of lessons about personal finance.

The launch of our branded efforts, "Morgia 101" has been the cornerstone of our content strategy for Morgia. The videos live on Morgia’s website, and have been re-cut into YouTube ads, social media content, and content for email drip campaigns.

Share the Wealth

Driving Insight:

Financial information hits different when it’s timely.


Make a regular series of short-form videos about current financial events.

Marrying the candid, casual nature of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with the analysis of a CNBC program, Morgia’s branded content series Share the Wealth gave their top-performing financial advisors an outlet to demonstrate knowledge, acumen, and a little character. Share the Wealth put a personal spotlight on different Morgia advisors while giving us content to use for ads, social, and email campaigns.