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Capabilities utilized
Concept Development • Video Production
Capabilities utilized
Brand Strategy / Creative Production / Marketing Deployment / Branding
Client background
What they were looking for:
Meta (formerly Facebook) came to Congruent to produce videos interviewing auto dealers to highlight innovation in their marketing and how they’ve navigated recent challenges in the climate. Oh yeah, and they wanted them done ASAP in order to meet a tight deadline for an upcoming event.
What we found:
The automotive industry has undergone perpetual change in the last couple years, including shifts in consumer shopping preferences, global shortages, electrification, and changes to the digital advertising ecosystem. Auto marketers, and in particular auto dealers, need help navigating these changes and ensuring they’re future-proofing their businesses. Facebook has helped them meet consumers where they are, creating and capturing demand across the full funnel. We wanted to tell some of these stories.

Congruent used existing relationships with three dealers to give a cross sectional view of how the automotive retail industry used Facebook. We sent crews to three locations and interviewed three leading dealers: Perry Watson III, Owner/GM of Marysville Toyota in Seattle, WA; Liza (Myers) Borches, President and CEO at Carter Myers Automotive in Richmond, VA; and Alex Flores, Owner/Partner at Bravo Chevrolet/Cadillac in El Paso, TX. We crafted a video about each dealer, telling their story for an audience of auto brands, dealers, and agencies attending an AdWeek Forward event on automotive retail.

How we did it
Since the videos were slated to run at a scheduled event, Congruent had a tight and non-negotiable deadline. Plus, we had formidable red tape and approval processes working with a large company like Meta. Producing three shoots across the country, cutting videos, and going through multiple rounds of revisions was a challenge, but we delivered ahead of time and under budget.
The videos put a spotlight on dealers facing adversity in today’s climate and how they used Facebook in their business.
Messaging and
The "interview style" of the videos exemplify direct communication. We edited hours of footage down to a few brief clips celebrating trust and connection between dealers and their customers.
The brand process
We took on this project just as Meta had rebranded from Facebook. To set a new tone, we aimed for a clean look and focused on the technology and results dealer partners enjoyed using Meta’s indispensable apps, Messenger and Facebook.

Our Favorite Campaigns

AWForward Event

Driving Insight:

Meta needed to put a human face on their technology products.


Produce videos that would help industry leaders get a fresh perspective on Facebook.

At the end of 2021, Advertising Week put on an event called AWForward: “Automotive Marketing through the Unknowns of 2022.” We produced videos to be played throughout the event in between keynote speakers that offered tangible takeaways for using technology into the future. They were a hit with the audience, racking up plaudits on social media.