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Capabilities utilized
Agency of Record • Brand Development • Concept Development • Marketing Audit • Digital Marketing Campaigns • Logo Design • Video Production • Reputation Management • Content Creation
Capabilities utilized
Brand Strategy / Creative Production / Marketing Deployment / Branding
Client background
What they were looking for:
iRide was supposed to be the new online arm of a traditional dealership group in Orlando, FL. To launch a progressive new dealership concept (online-focused, one-price), iRide worked with a conventional automotive marketing company. They launched like a conventional automotive dealership. This initial launch focused only on bottom-of-the-funnel traffic, was devoid of brand messaging, went heavy on search and model-specific shopping, and put no thought into the user journey, with inventory haphazardly posted onto social media. Business was slow and the brand did not take off. They needed to turn things around fast.
What we found:
Congruent assessed iRide’s competitors and compared their tangible value propositions with what iRide offered. The local market was ripe for disruption, but using traditional marketing methods missed the opportunity. Congruent took over all ad placement and spends, and we lowered the overall digital ad spend. We shifted to a targeted OTT strategy meant to appeal to a broader customer base. This drove awareness before we served bottom-of-the-funnel customers with targeted “buy here” messaging.

We started driving awareness with persona-focused animated spots, which ran on both OTT and pre-roll, paired with display ads. We followed this up with paid social content highlighting USPs and the “Why buy at iRide” message. All creative and deployment was aligned with the brand development work that came before.

How we did it
The marketing team determined the optimal channels and strategy to deploy creative. Creative used the ad team’s insights to create attention-grabbing content.
Congruent used a mix of video, display, and search ads to reach different customers, in multiple ways, no matter where they were in the buying process.
Messaging and
Congruent targeted in-market shoppers and competitors with video using a brand-first approach highlighting iRide’s perks without trying to sell a specific car. We averaged 340,000 monthly impressions with display ads reiterating the selling points to visitors of the website and people shopping the competition. Finally, we used single-keyword-based search ads to get the right ad in front of the right people. Congruent drove traffic directly to what the person was searching for, averaging 236,757 monthly impressions with an average CTR of 2.77%.
The brand process
Congruent spent a few weeks getting to know the iRide team to understand their perspective. These conversations helped us stake out a position for their brand. The result was a comprehensive brand guide that directs their visual identity and messaging. It also contains actionable takes on the brand values, personality, and personas.

Our Favorite Campaigns

How Do I Ride?

Driving Insight:

People in Orlando don’t realize a high-end used car dealer is in their backyards.


Showcase iRide’s highly competitive perks while introducing the new brand.

iRide offers perks that go above and beyond their competition, but nobody knew it. We used a combination of powerful messaging, fun animation, and vibrant video production to tell the (new) iRide story.


Driving Insight:

Finding the right car dealer is a lot like finding the right date.


Create a fun social campaign that everyone can relate to.

Online car shopping is a lot like online dating. People (read: dealers) often try to be misleading on purpose to hook interested parties. Instead of going “low” and calling out bad dealers, why not make things a little more fun and call back to people’s funny bad dating stories? We created a social campaign that did just that.