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Capabilities utilized
Video Conception and Production
Capabilities utilized
Brand Strategy / Creative Production / Marketing Deployment / Branding
Client background
What they were looking for:
DWI Guys wanted a series of videos that advertised their services in a way that didn’t make people feel like a single mistake would brand them for the rest of their lives. Something more empathetic and soft, but still getting their message across.
What we found:
There are many reasons why an arrest for driving under the influence may be thrown out in court. And there are many different types of people who get arrested for such offenses. It wasn’t our job to make any judgments on these fronts. DWI Guys just wanted their message out there.

For our campaign during the fall season, DWI Guys saw an above-seasonal lift in phone calls and leads. The firm subsequently ran our creative during later seasons seeing a similar lift in traffic.

How we did it
Driving under the influence is a serious act with serious consequences. While we did not want to minimize such an act, the legal profession exists to protect and defend people with a presumption of innocence. Congruent had to thread this needle while maintaining an empathetic yet effective brand tone.
The DWI Guys’ marketing centered on hard-selling direct-response channels: TV, radio, and online. The creative we made was engineered to garner attention and stand out from the crowd. By placing it in trackable channels, we could show our value while offering great performance.
Messaging and
We diversified DWI Guys’ marketing deployment to add TV, OTT, YouTube pre-roll, and radio. The campaigns were meant to help soften their brand image while still gaining our unfair share of leads versus competing firms.
The brand process
After a series of consultations with their team, Congruent learned that DWI Guys occupied a difficult space. The truth is that DWIs happen, but so do second chances. There's a level of shame and embarrassment that comes with a DWI that can often take away from the upstanding reputation of someone who made an honest mistake.

Our Favorite Campaigns

Second Chances

Driving Insight:

Mistakes happen. So do second chances.


Communicate DWI Guys’ value proposition in an artful, empathetic way.

Congruent created a long-form video that told the story of relief a client experienced in working with Nave Law Firm. We shot the video and edited it to play in reverse, starting with the relief the client felt after the process was over and ending with the initial mistake plus the tagline: “Second chances exist.” While not a complete do-over, we wanted to show that one could make up for a mistake.

Skip the Ad

Driving Insight:

People don’t like getting interrupted.


“Steal” attention by taking advantage of aversion to skippable ads.

We created a series of videos that empathized with the viewer while breaking the 4th wall to draw the viewer in. The scripting was specific to the placement of each ad, whether on broadcast TV or YouTube pre-roll.