Byrne Hollow Farm

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Capabilities utilized
Brand Development • Concept Development • Content Production • Digital Marketing Campaigns
Capabilities utilized
Client background
What they were looking for:
A beloved local brand wanted to raise their profile with some well-produced commercials.
What we found:
Byrne Dairy, a popular brand in its region, had less brand recognition outside of upstate New York. They wanted to break out of the local area by launching a sub-brand, Byrne Hollow Farm, with products that would appeal to health-conscious shoppers, being RBST-free, non-GMO, and naturally gluten free.

We developed an honest brand story, produced video content, imagery, and animations to run a social campaign targeting NYC, NJ, and CT launch markets.

How we did it
Helping to launch a new sub-brand was difficult, especially an up-market brand for a company that’s otherwise not known for that positioning.
The client wanted to get maximum awareness of the Byrne Hollow brand without alienating or turning off customers of the main brand. However, the target demographic was relatively large, giving us lots of latitude in terms of messaging and creative.
Messaging and
Byrne Hollow wanted to reach people online. We planned out a marketing strategy to reach highly targeted demographics via online placements to closely track and measure performance versus spend.
The brand process
The client came to us with a product and demographic in mind. Congruent produced creative to carry through Byrne’s brand promise to connect with the most likely demographics.

Our Favorite Campaigns


Driving Insight:

Food is an expression of love.


Find a new market with choosy moms choosing their family’s dairy product.

For many parents, there’s no better feeling than making your children feel good about the meal you give them. Conversely, when they’re unhappy with your food, it can be a big blow. With this campaign, we effectively positioned Byrne Hollow Farm’s products making kids and parents alike happy.

Trust Starts With a Handshake

Driving Insight:

People trust Byrne Dairy because of its long history.


Leverage Byrne Dairy’s history to market to future audiences.

We produced a series of spots that drew a throughline from the past to the present, showing how Byrne Dairy’s brand has been a trusted part of people’s lives for decades.