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Creating brand connection in a social world takes a combination of math and art. The data and algorithm tools help us understand what is important and the art gets the attention. One or the other alone can make some progress…but the combination is rocket fuel.


Paul J Daly

But it all started in 2003 with a few thousand dollars and a rusty 1984 Chevy Astro.

It’s been a heck of a run so far. I’m the Founder/CEO/Creative Director of Congruent, a brand-first integrated marketing agency. But it all started in 2003 with a few thousand dollars and a rusty 1984 Chevy Astro. I dove into entrepreneurship head-first and grew a one-man wheel repair service for auto dealers into a multi-million dollar reconditioning organization (Image Auto and Rim Doctor) that served over 150 dealers and dealer groups. Being a culture-first/brand-first guy, I started building a creative agency (Congruent) within the auto recon company.

Well, long story short the agency started working with bigger brands, we started a content series for dealers, Image Auto and Rim Doctor were acquired by a large national player, and now Congruent is my primary focus. I still have the same fire, I still really like people, I’m still just a kid from Philly.  

Levi Spires

Director of Operations & Finance

Ronald Rabideau

Art Director

Rich Merrill

Account Director

Brian Payne

Communication Director

ST Davis

Director of Photography

Patrick Bergemann

Marketing Director

Erin Lee

Account Executive

Nate LI

Graphic Designer / Animator

Danielle Southwick

Production Coordinator

Bryan Cavellier


Dylan Haines

Social Media Coordinator

Emily Netti

Marketing Coordinator

Brittany Wait

Videographer Contractor

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