What we made together.

Tom Gill is a Chevrolet dealer in Florence, KY just outside of Cincinnati. He hired us to help him develop a modern brand and create content to connect with local car buyers. We live in an extremely aggressive world. It’s often loud and combative. When you’re trying to buy a car, this aggression gets amped up to eleven.Tom Gill has chosen a different path: they make the whole process fun and frictionless. Any dealer can get you in the door, and even get the sale if the price is right. But how you’re treated during and after the sale determines how you’ll remember the experience a few years down the line. Their goal isn’t to sell you a car. Their goal is to make you look forward to coming back over and over.

The result.

With the brand developed and the assets produced we were able to quickly launch the brand. We wanted to promote the new Tom Gill brand identity. We also wanted to highlight the fact that Tom Gill's fun, light-hearted advertisements are an accurate reflection of the experience.

Brand development.

Next we create a brand. Brand development is a fluid process of research, interviews, creative sessions, writing, design, and of course revisions. The result is a modern brand with messaging, personas, style, and a new logo. Download Tom Gill's brand guide.

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