Congruent is a full-service, brand-first marketing agency which started as an in-house agency and has since launched as a stand-alone business. Our Founder and CEO, Paul J Daly (@paulthedaly) leads with an entrepreneurial mindset. He has gathered a diverse team of creatives from many backgrounds who strategize, produce and manage top-shelf content and campaigns for both local and national brands.

Our mission is to bring Creative Clarity as we create marketing that doesn’t really feel like marketing.

Our core values which guide both our external AND internal interactions are:

  • Honesty - Be authentic, always.

  • Empathy - Strive to understand before being understood.

  • Attention - We understand that connection always begins with attention

  • Connection - This is the outcome of our best work and most valuable relationships

  • Care - We care for and give grace to one another and those around us. 


The team at Congruent is comprised of MBAs, DPs, and BFAs. Award-winning animators, entrepreneurs, and fashion insiders. Outdoorsmen, urbanites, and soccer dads.

As a creative services company, we thrive on being different. Internally, we have different work habits, creative expertises, and backgrounds. We come from both coasts, different countries, the north, the south, and in between.

Congruent brings a varied skillset and perspectives to every project. We find this is the absolute best way to achieve stellar success.