What we made together.

Sun transitioned their business to a progressive “One Price” model. Congruent partnered with them as their agency of record to reimagine the brand, create effective retail campaigns and connect like a car dealer should.

36% decrease
in cost-per-car sold within three
months of working with Congruent.
27% increase
in organic brand related searches within less than a year.

scope of work

Rebrand / Style Guide

Branding & Marketing Strategy

Creative Production

Ongoing Campaigns

Simple. Upfront. Nice.

One team.

Our creative team designed a style guide to give ever piece of Sun media thought and intentionality. Congruent created a clear blueprint so that every digital and print piece would in perfect alignment with the Sun Auto brand.

The result.

20% monthly car sales attributed to social media advertising.

the latest projects

Explain It Like I Am 5

A business doesn’t last for 40 years — let alone thrive like Sun Auto Group has — unless it exists within a great community.


Imitation isn't just flattery, it's learning. We created this content to help teach the consumer how Sun Auto is innovative and keeps the buying process Simple. Upfront. Nice.

40 Across 40

We defined the personas, developed messaging, designed a new logo and style guide, shot bio videos, and produce and ongoing series for the “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” crowd called “Share the Wealth”. The buzz is growing, and the firm continues to expand into new segments.

dealership content people actually like

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