We don't let our clients play with matches.

Want to set some money on fire?

Go ahead and create some incredible content that lacks a clear strategy.

The most expensive projects are the ones no one notices. Even worse are the ones that are made without any intentionality given to brand. They may get eyes, but they'll never win hearts. Today's brands need to connect with their audience on a personal level. A combination of tailored persona research, brand development, and, yes, incredible content, will use your marketing budget to create something more powerful than a puff of smoke.

Strategy. Production. Execution.

You need something — a lot of something — but you're not sure what and you defintely don't want to waste your budget on it. Congruent has a logical, manifold approach to crafting the perfect message and amplifying it to reach the masses.


Do you feel like you're always re-orienting your marketing to target some new micro-niche or use strategy you just read about in a newsletter?

Our tailored audience and industry research lays the foundation for big ideas that are actually effective. Our solutions aren't static. They'll constantly evolve to meet your audience's attention.

Brand Identity

Our strategy doesn't define who you are, but we will help you refine the clarity of your messaging. With new brands and rebrands alike, we choose every detail with purpose. A logo that represents you. The perfect tagline. Creative direction for all your communication.

Video Production

We have a video production team can make anything look good. Network television. Music videos. Tech start-up teasers. Automotive docs. Really, you name it and they'll make it.

The key to their effectiveness is a person-centric storytelling approach. If your target audience are people, then we might have something for you.

Animation & Illustration

Our team of graphic artists has worked on everything from Super Bowl commercials and Jumbotron visuals to print design and product launch material. Whatever the style, our experienced team will meet your tone and style.

Media Planning & Campaigns

We endeavor to understand your ideal consumer and gain insight into how they interact with media. Once it comes time to execute, we'll know exactly where and when your project should run. We don't run any of those just-got-it-from-a-newsletter strategies. We develop every campaign specifically for your brand.