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Recently, Sun transitioned their business from traditional used car sales to a "One Price" model. Coming from an agency background, Marketing Director Robin Moore understood the value of high-level creative and execution to educate the market and change public perception of the dealership model. Robin brought us on as a creative partner to run point on this extensive rebrand campaign during Sun Auto's decisive period in their business.

From reworking their existing brand marks to reinventing their video and commercial tv strategy, we overhauled Sun’s image and perception in the market. In the process, we upped their engagement on social media and drastically reduced the cost per car sold.

What actually goes into a rebrand?

When you say “rebrand” many people think of a new logo or app icon. A new logo, while fun, is an easy undertaking. What isn’t easy is thinking through everything associated with that logo. New design directions, new signage, new print pieces, a new website, and so much more.

Our creative team designed a style guide to give ever piece of Sun media thought and intentionality. Congruent created a clear blueprint so that every digital and print piece would in perfect alignment with the Sun Auto brand.

Simple. Upfront. Nice.

Congruent redefined Sun Auto’s brand image with these three basic words.

Sun wanted to communicate their new shift to transparent pricing and their legacy of community service and honest business. We met with the client and brainstormed internally to find the perfect brand tagline to encapsulate the Sun experience.

With Simple. Upfront. Nice. we captured those ideas and also retrofit them into their existing brand identity as an acronym for Sun.

To bring Sun’s new mission statement to life, we told the stories of the Caputo family, the Sun team, and actual Syracuse car buyers in cinematic brand anchor films.

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