Congruent is the ONLY brand-first marketing agency with roots in automotive

Dealership marketing is not what it used to be. If you're still living in a world dominated by garish, hard-selling video spots you need to differentiate yourself in order to survive. Anyone who doesn't is going to feel the hurt.

Before he started Congruent, Paul J Daly built a multimillion dollar company from the ground up as one of the northeast's largest repair and reconditioning vendors for dealers. He's walked through countless dealerships and heard the same conversations about margin compression and shifts in culture challenging the dealership model. These challenges are real, but by far the biggest challenge dealerships face is their own inabiliy to build brand equity.

Congruent is the only world-class, brand-first marketing agency with deep roots in the automotive industry. We're an outside voice with inside knowledge able to craft a brand strategy that will infuse and expand every aspect of your business.

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Why Brand?

Top-of-mind is nothing but a short-term tactic. Dealerships that employ brand and storytelling create a people-centric culture that attracts repeat customers and long-term talent. Continuing Paul's passion to serve dealers, Congruent helps automotive clients become better through its emphasis on clarity of message and brand-first marketing. This focus helps dealers to make better hiring decisions, communicate more effectively with their customers, and battle compressed margins.

Your dealership's brand is a manufacturer.

Your dealership's brand is a logo.

Your dealership's brand is how people feel when they hear your name.

As your agency of record, Congruent will create a deeper understanding of your brand than ever before. You'll connect with your community, establishing long-term roots that can withstand margin compression and increasing transparency.

Your creative will rival the Tier 1 content sent down from the manufacturer. Your team will be your strongest brand ambassadors, passing on their positive experience to your customers. And your customers will be highly satisfied, evangelizing for your brand to friends and family.
The automotive industry is struggling for self-preservation. Dealerships have to fight for every penny on a transaction and customers aren't quiet when they're feeling the pressure. If 87% of customers dislike the process, we can no longer deny something NEEDS to change.

If your marketing strategy resembles a high-pressure, algorithms- and analytics-first selling strategy then you need to change, too.

Short-term thinking results in tactics. You fight every battle and win every sale one at a time. Long-term thinking results in brand building. Working through your brand strategy is one of the biggest investments you can make in your dealership's long-term trajectory. Building your brand is like putting money in the bank. It earns your customers' respect and trust, gaining you valuable lifetime buyers and brand evangelists.

By defining your core values, we'll distill the messaging to a tone that resonates in the hearts of your community. Letting a customer know you understand their problems and are there to solve them, not take advantage of them, builds an incredible amount of trust that pays dividends over time.
Our friend Adam Robinson, founder and CEO of Hireology, once said to us that you sleep better at night when you have the right people working for you. A strong employment brand is a big step toward a sound night's sleep.

Turnover rates are rising as dealerships continue to operate with a retrograde cultural mentality. Millennials seek stability, not commission-based roles. Customers want to trust that their salesperson is selling them a car with the best features, not the highest price tag. Coffee is for everyone, not just closers. By communicating well what your team is actually like, you'll attract the top talent in your community and in turn receive that community's confidence.
We all have that mental image of dealership video advertising: There's a guy wearing a plaid suit standing in his lot yelling prices at a camera. How can anyone expect a consumer to remember which guy yelling at the camera had the deal they wanted? If this describes your advertising strategy in any way, then you need to change.

One-third of all online activity is spent watching video. When paired with the social media's ability to target ads based on personalized interests and behaviors, there is no excuse why dealership advertising has to look the way it always has.

We'd never make the same video for a suburban mom with a minivan and a member of the local street scene. Even if you want to reach both of them, your approach must be tailored to the customer. Congruent crafts every video production project with your ideal customers in mind.