What we made together.

Ciocca is a dealership group located in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As they've grown into Central Pennsylvania, they needed a campaign to help recruit quality talent in their new markets, while reinforcing their brand values across the entire organization.

Services to help your
business drive success

Employment Development

A great company starts with a great team. To aid recruiting efforts, we developed marketing collateral to communicate the paths of career development available at Ciocca.

Creative Production

We interviewed the Ciocca leadership team, as well as a number of employees in a variety of positions, to tell the stories of how Ciocca has impacted both professional and personal development.

Branding Services

None of this would be possible without an honest understanding of Ciocca's core values and how to effectively communicate these to the persona found to be the ideal Ciocca team member.

The result.

Through targeted social media campaigns and clear messaging, Ciocca not only increased the number of applicants for their open positions, but also increased the quality of the applicants.

For a group constantly growing through acquisition, bringing in talent that can execute to the technical and personal standards that Ciocca has built their business on.

Content worth sharing.

We created long-form videos that told stories of growth for Ciocca employees. The soundbites and various shoot locations allowed us to isolate great moments and reformat the content for social platforms. We also used quotes from the employees to create graphic elements.

Human-focused content performed exceptionally well on social as it empowered current employees to share their stories of growth with Ciocca while giving prospective talent an idea of the type of team they'd be joining.