Brand-First Marketing

If you've been doing marketing or creating content without keeping your brand in mind, you might as well light your budget on fire.

Clients frequently contact us to produce a cinematic video or conduct an integrated marketing campaign. Congruent can and does execute on these projects, but we perform best for clients by working with them on a deeper level.

Our "brand-first" approach isn't just a label or a buzzword. Congruent believes you get the most value and the biggest effect only after doing the difficult work of defining and building your brand.


Marketing that works for you

Whether you realize it or not, your brand is your most important asset. Businesses normally measure a conversion as one sale. We measure a brand conversion as religion. Converting someone to your brand creates a lifetime customer. If your marketing focuses on single sales conversions, its effect ramps up or down depending on your activity and ad spend. Focusing on your brand creates a marketing effect that works for you - not the other way around.

As a brand-first agency we want to produce fans and converts. We do this by by marketing to both bottom and top of the sales funnel.


Brand value

What is the value of brand?
  • Brand is the differentiator between alike products.
  • Brand improves bottom line sales.
  • Brand produces raving fans.
  • Brand inspires employees.
  • Brand impreves employee retention.
  • Brand outlasts a recession.
  • Brand increases the value of your business.



Two ways to work together


Brand Retainer

Our brand retainer relationship is scoped to achieve your long-term business objectives. It generally includes:
  • A process cycle that runs roughly as: Strategy Session → Production Session → Execution Window → (Repeat)
  • Deliverables include:
    • content production
    • ad management
    • community management
    • consultation & reporting


Our project relationship is scoped for discrete productions.
  • Deliverables include:
    • single branding projects
    • anchor videos
    • media campaigns



We produce branded content to exceed your business objectives.
  • Marketing and Communication Strategy 
  • Content Production
  • Community Management
  • Media Planning and Campaigns
  • Video Production and Photography
  • Design & Animation
  • Copywriting


Marketing and Communication Strategy

Proactive ideas to impact your business.

In today’s battle for awareness, we guide our clients to the top of people's attention. We create brand clarity that resonates with people through research, strategy, creative production ideas, and refined execution plans.

We start with an audit to figure out what you're doing right and what can improve. Congruent is well aware that optimizing your marketing efforts can garner the same results at a lower advertising budget. Once we have your creative and spend dialed in, we constantly review your content and media performance across all channels.



Content Production

Connect with your audience using content that earns their attention.

We typically start publishing test content (photography, graphics, animated GIFs, and copy) in order to see what works, iterate, and grow your market.

Alternatively, we can kick-off our relationship with one larger video project and launch that into a campaign. We'll cut additional content from a main video or your existing content to populate a marketing campaign.

You will get a set number content pieces to be delivered monthly. We will create new content based on timely content learnings.


Community Management

Your message is out there. Keep it on target.

Congruent defines your voice through our persona and Brand Narrative process.

We establish the channels that matter most. Then, we'll develop a set of guidelines to establish guardrails for what is posted.

Finally, Congruent sets procedure for common scenarios that might need to be flagged for your response. Why put out fires when you can prevent them?


Media Planning and Campaigns

Spend money wisely.

Advertising is an effective way to connect with a new audience.

Congruent manages your advertising on all channels to ensure maximum efficiency. 

Our process will help define which platforms deserve your budget.


Video Production & Photography

Our imagery gets people to stop scrolling.

Congruent's team has worked in documentary, digital content, commercials, music videos, and everything in between.

We take a human-focused approach in a style that best fits the project, blending traditional influences with modern techniques. The end goal is always WOW.


Animation and Illustration

Make the complex beautiful and easy to understand.

Our graphic artists have worked on everything from Super Bowl commercials and stage visuals to print design and product launch material. They're masters of distilling complex scripts and ideas into intuitive, educaitonal, and fun visuals.

phil george.png
Phil George at George Development Group needed a new logo. We used our Brand Narrative process to design a brand that emulates what is company is about. It communicates his “why” for the personas he’s trying to reach.
— Phil George President George Development Group 315.749.8524